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In our purpose built grooming room we use only the best in coat care products which have been tried and tested and proven to give excellent results.  We also use the best and safest of grooming equipment that is available to the professional groomer and are kept up to date with the very latest in products and equipment through close links with our specialist suppliers. After 28 years of grooming dogs, Colleen is highly experienced and specialises in working with nervous or timid dogs or those that may have had a not so good grooming experience. Time is taken with these dogs to develop trust and confidence.  Extra time is allocated for puppies and elderly dogs.

We strongly believe that grooming should be a completely stress free experience for the dogs and that they should go home happy and relaxed.

From nail clipping to full nose-to-tail treatment, large or small, pedigree or cross breed, care and attention to detail is given to each and every dog. All dogs are bathed, groomed and styled either to breed standard or to individual styles or requirements.  Consideration is always taken for that dogs lifestyle, age, health, skin problems, condition of coat and also how much time the owner can commit to coat care in-between visits to the groomer.
Prices vary depending on the breed, temperament and condition of the coat and the frequncey of visits to the groomer.  A typical grooming fee will be around £34.00 - £55.00. Dematting and knot removal is very time consuming, therefore will result in higher grooming fees.  An exact price, if required, will be given following a consultation, which is free. 
A full groom will normally consist of a bath, blow dry, groom, trim/clip, nails trimmed, ears cleaned/hair removed and normally takes approximately two hours although, again, this depends on the individual dog.
Half grooms (bathing, blow dry, groom and nail trimming) are available for those that need a freshen up in-between appointments.
Colleen has lived with dogs since the age of ten and for the last 32 years has shared her home with Bearded Collies whom she shows.



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